Lundberg Properties, Inc. / Perlman Group, Inc.

A Partnership of Licensed Real Estate Brokers



The Lundberg Properties, Inc. / Perlman Group, Inc. Partnership specializes in brokerage of high-value Central Florida land with an emphasis on residential uses. Offering over 60 years experience and a reputation for honest dealing, we provide highly focused day to day attention, access to a wide array of strong buyers and potential sellers, a huge amount of valuable data and a thorough understanding of dealing with the people and processes needed to close these transactions.


Through the years we've brokered land for thousands of single and multi-family housing units and millions of square feet of industrial, office and commercial buildings. We've worked with most major homebuilders, many residential and industrial developers, and some of the world's best known companies. We've been brokers in hundreds of transactions and participants in many more. We listen. We comprehend. We convey accurately. We know how to deal with people about land and money. Whether you want to find a deal, or overcome issues that often prevent a close, you can count on doing better with us at your side.


The Partnership is ready to assist Clients with services that include:

  •        traditional brokerage
  •        exclusive client representation
  •        site analysis and selection
  •        broker's opinions of value
  •        strategic consultations.

Please contact us at the addresses and numbers below:

Lundberg Properties, Inc.
200 Sweetwater Blvd South, Longwood, FL 32779
The Perlman Group, Inc.
1553 Oak Tree Ct., Apopka, FL 32712